Parliamentary Select Committee Hears Evidence From Sam Stein QC And Andrew Jefferies QC

On 27 October 2014, the Mirror has reported on the critical view being taken with regards to the principle of joint enterprise. Critics of the 300 year old law maintain that those that are found "in the wrong place at the wrong time" can find themselves condemned.

Mansfield Chambers are very proud to have as 2 of their tenants Sam Stein QC and Andrew Jefferies QC, both published experts in the area of joint enterprise.

So important is this principle and so widely used that a Parliamentary Select Committee has been taking evidence on the state of it for the past 6 months and is due to report back in November. MPs on the Select Committee have said that the use of joint enterprise was "questionable to put it mildly".

In giving evidence to the Select Committee Sam Stein QC and Andrew Jefferies QC were forceful in their view that:

"the one size fits all approach to joint enterprise cases needs urgent revision"

You can read the full article in the Mirror by clicking here.

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