The Inquest Of Dr Abbas Khan Begins

Michael mansfield QC and Andrew Jefferies of Mansfield Chambers has been instructed to represent the family of Abbas Khan, the doctor who was detained by Syrian authorities and found dead in his prison cell in December 2013.

The inquest being held at the Royal Courts of Justice have heard about concerns of the safety of Mr B who has stated that one of his contacts is the Head of the Syrian Air Force intelligence, an organisation which has the unenviable reputation of being known as one of Syria's most brutal secret services.

The inquest has heard that Dr Khan had been accused by the Syrian authorities of entering the country illegally in order to fight for terrorists.

Chief Coroner Peter Thornton, speaking at the opening of the inquest stated that there was no evidence that Dr Khan has gone to Syria to fight. "On the contrary," he said. "He went to provide humanitarian medical aid."

When Mr B gave evidence he denied being a go between for British and Syrian intelligence agencies. Facing a number of questions on behalf of the Khan family, he answered on several occasions that he could just not remember.

When asked the question if he had said that a "green light" had been given from Britain to kill Dr Khan, he stated:

"Syria does not need a green light from the UK to kill him, they are killing thousands… they don't need permission."

Speaking on the first day of the inquest Dr Khan's mother Fatioma Khan, said that she had been told by the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister in late November 2013 that her son would be released in 10 to 15 days.

The inquest continues ...